Limited Edition Signed Box Set

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Released: 21st June 2024

Edition of 250 copies

Black Gatefold Vinyl Sleep LP

Exclusive Remix Black Vinyl LP by Hercules & Love Affair, featuring Club Mixes of 'Hip Neck Spine', 'Mishima', 'Volcano' & 'Dark Night Of The Soul’.

Exclusive Photo Book - All photography by David LaChapelle & Luca Pizzaroni

Exclusive Photographic Print signed by Daphne Guinness.

Sleep Tracklist

Side A:

1. Hip Neck Spine
2. Mishima
3. Laika
4. Volcano
5. Dark Night Of The Soul
6. No Joke

Side B:

7. Solitaire
8. Love & Destruction
9. Burn
10. Bedazzled
11. Time

Hercules & Love Affair - Club Mixes

Side A:

1. Hip Neck Spine (Hercules & Love Affair Club Mix)
2. Mishima (Hercules & Love Affair Club Mix)

Side B:

3. Volcano (Hercules & Love Affair Club Mix)
4. Dark Night Of The Soul (Hercules & Love Affair Club Mix)